It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a technological revolution that will alter the way we work, live, and interact with one another. These technological advancements create enormous opportunities in the field, with computer and information technology operations expected to grow by 13% between 2020 and 2030, far exceeding the national average. So, is it a good time to start a career in tech?

If you’re looking for a high-demand, well-paying job, tech could be the ideal fit. And, with so many opportunities in the field right now, this could be the ideal time to begin your career in tech.

Let’s look at why 2022 is a great year to start a career in technology.

Why is technology such a promising field?

If you’re thinking about a career in technology, now is a great time to start. (You’re also in good company: according to Monster surveys, one in every five workers is considering a career change right now), and the growing demand for workers with tech skills creates many entry-level opportunities.

More workers than ever before are working online. Employees with technical skills are the ones who make this larger-than-ever remote workforce possible.

Companies require tech professionals to build, maintain, and improve digital infrastructure as more of our lives have shifted online—shopping, banking, communication, and more.

Finally, the future will only increase the opportunities for technological solutions.

All of this expansion means more opportunities for new developers, engineers, and data scientists to break into the field. The high demand for tech professionals also creates opportunities for advancement.

There are many job openings right now, and the job market is excellent.

Companies are focused on building and keeping their engineering and other tech-focused teams happy.

Is the tech industry expected to grow in 2022?

Business disruptions caused by COVID-19 over the last two years have provided companies with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change and grow. According to a Deloitte report from 2022, many businesses have turned to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and remote work.

Organizations have witnessed how technology-based solutions improve efficiency, reduce costs, and even increase sustainability. Companies will continue to invest in these solutions due to the numerous benefits of technology. This leads to continued growth and job security in the tech industry.

According to a recent Monster poll, technology jobs in software development, information security analysis, network and computer systems administration, computer systems analysis, and software development are growing at the fastest rate of any industry. These jobs will assist in meeting the demand for emerging technology solutions such as AI, machine learning, datafication, quantum computing, new energy solutions, and others.

Furthermore, the growing demand for technological innovation and product development continues to create financial and job opportunities in the tech sector. According to the 2021 Q1 and Q2 Dice Reports, average tech salaries have surpassed six figures ($104,566), and job posting activity for the top 50 tech employers remained high (by volume) , with 78 percent increasing tech job postings quarter over quarter.

Does this sound like a compelling reason to embark on a career in technology right now?

Are there any remote tech jobs available in 2022?

While many remote jobs outside of tech will return to in-person in 2022, tech will continue to be a flexible industry.

“There is still a trend toward remote work, particularly in technical roles,” Cohen says. “While some businesses are returning to in-person meetings, a disproportionate number of engineering teams are remaining remote, opening up opportunities both nationally and internationally.”

In fact, roughly 6 in 10 software developers and computer programmers can work from home.

Because of the continued availability of remote work, traditionally office-bound jobs are becoming more accessible to tech sector workers across the world, including in rural areas.

What industries are looking for tech talent?

While almost every industry now requires some form of technology to function, companies with the highest growth in 2022 will have the most opportunities for entry-level tech employment.

Given that healthcare, health insurance, and hospitals have been some of the most important and vital businesses throughout the pandemic, these industries have seen steady growth in hiring, particularly for those who work on a remote tech stack, Cohen explains.

Other rapidly expanding industries include e-commerce, SaaS companies, finance, and fintech. While e-commerce corporate offices have grown in popularity, pandemic-related downturns have had a significant impact on travel, hospitality, retail, and other brick-and-mortar corporate headquarters.

What technological skills will be required in 2022?

When deciding what skills to learn as a new tech professional, mastering the fundamentals in your field can be beneficial. However, entry-level tech skills will vary depending on an applicant’s specialty (web development, data science, backend development, UX/UI, and others). Madesoft Academy’s full-stack Web Development, Frontend Development, and Backend Development programs teach the skills that employers want.

Madesoft Academy teaches the fundamental skills required by full-stack developers, backend developers, and frontend developers. 

Whatever path you choose, knowing the most widely used and up-to-date languages and frameworks in your field will provide you with a foundation for learning any future stacks an employer may require.

Smiling engineer shaking hands at construction site with happy architect. Handshake between cheerful african construction manager with businessman at bulding site. Team of workers with architects and contractor conclude an agreement with safety uniform.

There is no better time than the present.

While technology is a competitive field, hiring and growth trends indicate that there are plenty of opportunities for hardworking new tech professionals. This means that if you have the desire to learn and the drive to succeed, a well-paying job in technology could be in your future.

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