Madesoft Academy was set up to provide an effective system for training college graduates to the extent that they could eventually be hired in the engineering and technology industries.

A lot of graduates are coming out of school today without the right skills that can get them employed, and this is basically part of the main causes of unemployment in today’s society. Let us take, for example, the automation industry.

The automation industry is facing a shortage of workers, which stems from a variety of issues, such as misunderstandings and a lack of knowledge of what a job in the industry looks like. However, most college graduates have never heard of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), or distributed control systems (DCS). Most people think that Siemens is just a medical device corporation from Germany that also makes trains. Rockwell Automation does not necessarily ring a bell, Allen-Bradley must be a law firm, and General Electric (GE) is a maker of washing machines and jet turbine engines.

There is a great discrepancy between what is learned at school and what skills are actually required in the real world. But how do you acquire these skills in a timely and cost-effective manner? This is where the Madesoft Academy comes in.

  • “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Madesoft Academy is a global education company that provides retraining and validation courses for the engineering and technology industries.

 “We have created and perfected the best system for developing young minds, so your journey at Madesoft Academy will follow a tried and tested method that produces the best results. Our industry-focused programs are developed and taught by industry experts with more than 20 years of hands-on experience, and they are delivered through a series of live classes, videos, quizzes, interactive activities, and projects.

Our collaborative coursework prepares them for the type of work environment in which they will be placed. This ensures that our students are prepared for industry jobs.

One of the most significant parts of these programs is mentoring. A personal mentor will be assigned to each student and will accompany them throughout the program. These mentors are well-known professionals with several years of industry experience who are still working in the sector. They will provide pupils with excellent counsel, encouragement, and help. They will help to establish a plan of action and will provide students with an opportunity to learn from their experiences.

At Madesoft Academy, you will learn from professionals with real-world industry experience. Learn through real-life application projects built by industry experts. Our tutors have gained valuable real-world experience working on a variety of projects in various industries, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Each course will bring you one step closer to becoming a professional.

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